The classic game of blackjack is undoubtedly one of the most popular table games across the globe. Here at Betnero, you can enjoy all of the fun of the blackjack table with zero concern for safety.
Whether playing on the computer or with a mobile device (Android and iOS), with real money or for free just-for-fun, you can be reassured that Betnero has your safety in hand. We offer blackjack variants from some of the most reliable and famous providers, such as NetEnt, Microgaming, and Betsoft. The old school favourite is dubbed the king of card games. This game of skill and probability is also the most profitable game for players among casino games once you understand the basic rules.
Betnero offers an array of blackjack variants for you to get stuck into, from classic blackjack, American blackjack, and European blackjack. Each has its own set of rules and variables based on the original, putting your skill to the test. If blackjack is your game or you’re just getting started, look no further because Betnero has all you need and more to be entertained. You can find all of our blackjack games by going to the Betnero main menu and following the casino tab to find the blackjack section.
Here at Betnero, we also have an array of live dealer games if playing in real-time like you’re in the casino hall is more up your street. Play against one of our live dealers at a live table by heading to the main menu and following the live casino tab to find our live blackjack section.


Blackjack – a Popular Game with Many Variants

Not sure which blackjack variant you should try? Below we have compiled a list of the most popular games, which you can play at Betnero. Take a look to understand each better and see which special features grab your attention before choosing the right game for you.
  • Classic blackjack: The most popular and most played variant is the classic blackjack game. It can be played with up to 8 decks. You and the dealer are dealt 2 cards each. However, one of the dealer’s cards is face down, and this is called a hole card. There are no other particular special features to the classic. The aim of the game is to add the value of your cards to the sum of 21 and no more. You can also play strategically and wait for the dealer to go bust (over 21) or show your hand if you think you have the highest card value.
  • Pontoon: Pontoon is a version of blackjack with a higher variance. In this version, you can double down with multiple cards, hit (twist) in succession, or stand. This time both of the dealer’s cards remain face down. You can also win using a 5 card trick in which you collect 5 cards and are still under or reach 21, then you win.
  • Double Exposure: The game is in the name. This version both of the dealer’s cards are dealt face-up, which makes it easier to make a decision to hit or stand.
  • European blackjack: The European version is played with 2 decks and is one of the most beloved types of blackjack. The players’ two cards are dealt face-up. The dealer only gets one open card. He receives his hole card (the down card) at the end only when all players have played their hands. You can split the cards (split), draw another card (hit), stop or double down if you have a hand that adds up to 11, 9, or 10.
  • Single Deck blackjack: The game is played like classic blackjack, but only with one deck of cards (52 cards). The dealer has to draw on soft 17 (17 with an ace). It is the game with the least house edge.
  • American blackjack: The rules for American blackjack differ from state to state. While the basic rules for blackjack are the same regardless of the variant you play, you will find that individual rules change from casino to casino. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with the rules before you start playing American blackjack in a live or online casino.
  • Atlantic City blackjack: The dealer is at Soft 17. Players can double down on any two cards. Players can split the same cards 3 times into different 10-value (10Y, KQ) cards. Aces can only be split once, and then only one more card can be drawn. Players may pass (surrender) and get half of their bet back. Atlantic City casinos pay either 3:2 for blackjack or 6:5, which increases the house edge dramatically.
  • Blackjack Vegas Strip: Blackjack pays 3-2 in most Vegas casinos, although some games pay 6-5. The dealer is on soft 17, and players can double on every first hand and after sharing their hand. Players can split the same cards up to 4 times or different 10-value (10Y, KQ) cards. Aces can only be split once, and then only one more card may be drawn. 21 for split aces does not count as a blackjack.
  • Blackjack Big 5: The game is played like European blackjack, but with 5 decks of cards. The dealer has to draw at soft 17/ The player can split any hand up to 3 times.


📺 Live Dealer Blackjack Games

If you enjoy the thrill of playing face to face with a real person, then you should give live blackjack a try. Apart from the obvious real-time real-feel play, there are other benefits to playing live blackjack. A special feature to the live tables that brings a new dynamic to wagering on online casino games is putting your money behind other players.
When you enter a Live game, and the table is already full, you can use the Bet Behind option and watch the game unfold. In addition to this, providers such as NetEnt have created a new type of betting called Common Draw in which several players share one hand instead of sitting at the table.
This unique concept only brings more excitement to live dealer tables. Betnero is a licensed and 100% safe online casino. You can be reassured that all of our live table games are secure and legitimate live blackjack is an entertaining community of like-minded people. You can watch the dealer’s reaction and place your bets using their body language. Most online live casinos also offer a chat function where you can also talk to the dealer and share the fun experience.


The Blackjack Rules

Blackjack Rules
All blackjack variants have the same aim: the main goal is to beat the dealer and any other players’ hands. You must have a hand totaling 21 (blackjack) or less. If you or they go over 21, then this is a bust, and you are out.
Any dealer who represents an online casino is subject to some additional rules. For example, in most games, the dealer has to draw a card at 16, and as soon as he reaches 17 or more, he cannot draw any additional cards, even if you have more points than him. Cards from 2-10 count to their card value, pictures count as 10 and aces 11 or 1. If you win the hand, your bet is doubled.


⏩ The game

The game begins by placing your beginning bet. Then you receive two cards dealt face-up from the dealer. The dealer also receives two cards, one of which remains face down in most variants. From here, you can decide whether you want to have another card (hit) or whether you want to stay with your two cards (stand). We’ll explain other options, such as split, double, or insurance later.


⏩ Special hands

Depending on the variant, there is the added possibility of dividing two identical cards (splitting), which also means doubling your bet. For example, if you receive two aces and split, then you are essentially playing with two hands with one ace in each. By doing this, you have then increased your chances of getting blackjack twice or can build one high-quality hand. If your two starting cards add up to a value of 9, 10, or 11, you can double your bet depending on the dealer’s open card because these are the best starting values.
After doubling, you only get to draw one additional card; doubling is a risky move, but for the trained eye can lead to big wins. In the instance an open dealer’s card is an ace, they will offer you insurance. There is a high possibility with a starting ace that the dealer has blackjack, so it is up to you how to continue your bet. If you have accepted the insurance offer, the dealer will look at their downturned card. They then reveal that it is, in fact, blackjack, then the insurance pays 2:1, and you get your entire bet back.


📊 Blackjack Odds and Probability – Best Payouts and Winning Chances

There are countless charts available online that explain the odds and probabilities of a blackjack game such as Busting on a hit, two card frequencies, and dealer’s final hand probabilities. Firstly, it’s essential to understand the house edge before becoming a master at blackjack.
Most dealers are at an 8% advantage by the dealer being the last player to act. This happens because if the player makes their decision first and goes bust, then the dealer has an advantage over them by going afterward. However, you can lower the house edge to as low as 0.5% for a better chance at a higher payout.
This is done by learning to recognize the probability of a bust from the cards you can see on the table. Card counting is frowned upon in the casino world, but learning what cards have higher odds as a combination is merely learning to understand the game better. Below you will find a handy chart that shows the probability of your hit becoming a bust.
  • 21 = 100%
  • 20 = 92%
  • 19 = 85%
  • 18 = 77%
  • 17 = 69%
  • 16 = 62%
  • 15 = 58%
  • 14 = 56%
  • 13 = 39%
  • 12 = 31%
  • 11 or less = 0%
As you can see from these figures, you should never hit at 20 or 21. There is a significant drop in risk if you hit below 14, and you are safe to continue at 11 or below. Depending on the variant you play will depend on your odds of a high payout. Some games have ‘Liberal Rules’ attached, which give the player an advantage in some areas. To find these liberal rule games look for games that use six or fewer decks, no limit on doubling, no limit on splitting hands, and more.


🔍 Blackjack Strategies and Tips

By spending some time researching the appropriate charts for odds and probability you can create a fairly successful strategy for any variant of blackjack. However, it’s a basic blackjack strategy that needs to be addressed first before you head off into unknown variance tactics. Again there are charts and diagrams available online for your convenience, but we suggest if you ever visit a casino hall that you leave them at home!
When it comes to successful betting strategy, you should learn the Martingale, the D’Alembert, and the Paroli strategy to give yourself a boosted chance of winning big against the house. Additionally, the 1-3-4-6 betting sequence is always a firm favourite amongst gamblers.
The way it works is you bet one unit each time until you win. You get two units back and put another one on, so you bet 3 units. By doing this, you ensure you always stay within your means but also play for a profit. If you win again, you get 6 units. This time place 2 of them on the high edge and this time place 4 units. And you’re already playing with the bank’s money! And so on until you lose, If you do you must start back at 1 unit and continue with the process to regain your streak, building up your wins slowly but surely.


💬 Frequently Asked Questions About Online Blackjack

Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about blackjack.


Is it possible to count cards online at blackjack?

No, in online blackjack, the cards are shuffled using the Random Number Generator software that makes all online gambling 100% safe and fair.


What is the best strategy to play online blackjack?

When it comes to successful betting strategy in the casino hall and online, you should learn the Martingale, the D’Alembert, and the Paroli strategies to give yourself a boosted chance of winning big against the house. Additionally, the 1-3-4-6 betting sequence is always a firm favourite amongst gamblers. The way this strategy works is by betting one unit each time until you win. You get two units back and put another one on, so you bet 3 units. By doing this, you ensure you always stay within your means but also play for a profit. If you win again, you get 6 units. This time place 2 of them on the high edge and this time place 4 units. And you’re already playing with the bank’s money! And so on until you lose, If you do, you must start back at 1 unit and continue with the process to regain your streak, building up your wins slowly but surely.


Is it legal to play online blackjack?

Yes, if the online casino has a valid license. Betnero operates under the MGA license from the Malta Gaming Authority, one of the most reputable gaming licensors. Therefore Betnero is classified as a legal, reputable, and secure casino.


Is playing blackjack online for real money safe for Canadians?

It certainly is! It is 100% legal for Canadians to play offshore online casino games. Rest assured that Betnero has your safety and privacy in mind at all times. You can contact customer support for more information if you are still unsure about the regulations in your area.


When do you hit, stand, double, or split in blackjack?

In blackjack, there are certain items that you must get accustomed to using to control your game and understand what is happening. Hit – You call hit to instruct the dealer to deal you another card. Stand – You call stand to let the dealer know that you don’t want any more cards. Double (Double Down) – Calling a double can only be done on a two-card hand (starting hand) before you draw any more cards. You are calling to double your bet. Split – Depending on the variant you are playing, you can split pairs, resplit any additional pairs, split aces, and split tens. When you split, you create another hand and another bet on that hand.


What is the best online blackjack site?

If blackjack is your game of choice, then there are online casinos that specialize in blackjack games and live dealers. These include but are not limited to Cherry Red Casino, Bovada, Las Vegas USA Casino, and RoxyPalace. Be sure to check licensing agreements and currency conversions before playing at any online casino to ensure they are as safe and legal as Betnero.


What is a push in blackjack?

A push is when you and the dealer finish on a tie, with the exact same total. A push is then called to signify that your best isn’t lost or won. You can then decide to leave your money on the table or walk away.


What is a double in blackjack?

When you are dealt your two starting cards, you have the option to double. If you choose to double down at this point, you are essentially doubling your bet if you are confident for a win. Afterward, you will only be dealt one more card if you wish. A good opportunity to double down is if your cards add up to the value of 11, and the dealer’s upturned card is low-value. From here, you can be confident that your next card isn’t going to bust you, and you have an increased chance of a higher card value against the dealer’s pair.


When should you split in blackjack?

There are 4 options for splitting: Splitting pairs – You can split a pair of cards that have the same rank making two hands to play separately. This is a good tactic if you are dealt a pair of eights because 16 means if you hit, you’re likely to bust, but if you stand, the dealer has a high probability of winning. Resplitting – If you receive additional pairs, most casinos will allow you to resplit. You can re-split typically up to three times, giving you a total of four hands and a whopping eight bets on the table. Splitting tens – You can split 10-value cards, it is considered an unwise move, however, as you have a higher chance of a win by standing at 20. Splitting Aces – Splitting Aces is another brave move, but a strong one. Having two hands with a starting point of 11 means that if you then draw your last cards as a 10-value, you don’t receive the 3:2 payoff of a blackjack but still win with a 21.


Is blackjack the same as 21?

This is a very confusing and debated point. Many of us grew up learning to play 21, which is essentially the same game as blackjack. The difference lies in the way in which the game is won. A straight blackjack win gives you the highest payout of 3:2, is a starting hand with a 10-value card and an Ace. Whereas, a 21 win is any other combination of cards to reach the value of 21.


How many times can you hit in blackjack?

As many as you dare! If you go over 21, then you are bust, and it’s game over. The 5 Card Trick or 5 Card Charlie, however, is a way in automatically winning 21 by collecting a hand of 5 cards and not going bust. Some online casinos, live tables, and land-based casinos do not recognize this rule, however. Check the rules of the game you are entering first.


Are blackjack odds better with more players?

No, the amount of players does not affect the odds when you play basic blackjack strategy.


What is the average winning hand in blackjack?

The average winning hand for the dealer and the player is 18.5.
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