Blackjack – Play for real money on Betnero

Blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games. On Betnero, players can enjoy playing safely with real money.

It’s straightforward to find blackjack games on Betnero. From the main menu click on “Casino”, then choose “Blackjack” from the secondary list, and all of the games will be available.

You can play with real money but also for fun. It is also possible to play live blackjack like in a real casino with the croupiers. Many live games are available, just click on “Live Casino” from the main menu and then choose “Live Blackjack”.

On Betnero you can find all the top variants, from European to Atlantic City. There are games available from the dop developers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, and Playson. You can enjoy your favourite play from anywhere on any device, no matter if it’s Android or IOS.

Blackjack Games ⏩ Popular Variants on Betnero Online Casino

Blackjack Games
Betnero offers an array of variants. No matter what version of 21 you enjoy, there’s something for you.

Classic Blackjack: Classic Blackjack is the most played version of this table game. It can be played with up to eight decks. You and the dealer are both given two cards each. One card is face down for the dealer. If the card total in your hand is 21, you win. If you go over, you bust.

Pontoon: Pontoon is similar to the classic, but it’s sort of its quirky cousin. The game adds a fun twist. Instead of Hit, Stand, and Blackjack, the terms are Pontoon, Twist, and Stick.

Double Exposure: Double Exposure is a variant where the dealer will expose both cards initially. There are other rule changes as well, that favour the dealer though. The house edge is higher than in Classic Blackjack.

European Blackjack: Unlike the classic variant, this version is always played with two decks. The two cards are both dealt face up. The dealer’s hole card is not dealt until the player decides to split, hit, stand, or double the cards.

Single Deck Blackjack: This variant has the lowest house edge, which is part of what makes it so attractive. Players have many advantages that they don’t have in a classic multi-deck game. This is a great game to play if you want to improve your skills.

American Blackjack: American Blackjack is a variant where you are playing head-to-head against the dealer. The goal is to have the highest value hand, with a target of 21.

Atlantic City Blackjack: The Atlantic City variant is always played with eight decks. The dealer is allowed to look at her hole card, and she could also choose to stand on a soft 17. The players can resplit up to 3 hands and also select a late surrender and insurance offer.

Blackjack Big 5: There are two versions of Big Five: Single-Hand and Multi-Hand.

Blackjack Vegas Trip: Make your way to the Vegas strip with this American classic variant.

Live Dealer Blackjack games

One of the best features of online casinos is their live dealer game variants. Blackjack, along with popular games such as poker and roulette are typically offered on the top sites. Keep on the lookout for a wide range of games that have a diverse selection of different variants, table limits, dealers, and side bets.

When you play live games, you’ll feel like you’re sitting at a real table at a land-based casino. Many casinos only offer the classic blackjack variant as a live casino game.

A great feature of the live games is that you can participate even if all of the seats at the standard table are occupied. You can make use of the Bet Behind option, which means that you bet on a player without playing yourself. In this case, you are dependent on the decisions of players at the table. Keep in mind though, the limits for bet-behinds tend to be lower than regular wagers.

Selected casinos also offer the option of placing bets on a table through Common Draw. This means that the usual seven players won’t be sitting at the table. Instead, players share a hand with an unlimited number of players.

Even with only the classic variant, the live blackjack is becoming very popular among online gambling enthusiasts. There is a vast selection of varied tables, and the technology is first class, making for an entertaining atmosphere.

Best Blackjack Bonus 2020: Up to NZ$2,800

At Betnero we have 2 different casino welcome bonuses for new players who want to play blackjack. A standard one up to NZ$2,000 + 140 Free Spins for online slots and a High Roller Welcome Bonus up to NZ$2,800. 

Playing on Betnero, you can earn points for the Loyalty Program and become a member of the VIP club! With VIP, you’ll have access to a variety of unique bonuses and other exciting rewards.

Blackjack Rules – How to play

Blackjack online Rules
Before you get started playing for real, you’ll want to know what to do. So, let’s go over the rules. This isn’t an exhaustive overview, but we’ll go over all of the most essential elements. Here are the basic rules for playing:
  1. Players will make bets to start the game. Then, the dealer will deal two cards to the players, and two more to himself.
  2. Card Values: All cards count for their face value and picture cards count as 10. The ace can either count as 1 or 11. Card suits don’t have any meaning in this game. The most important thing is the total of the cards in your hand.
  3. When it’s their turn, players have to choose their move: stand, hit, surrender, double down, or split.
  4. The dealer goes last and has to hit 16 or less, and stand on 21 through 16.
  5. A player will win if their hand is higher than the dealer’s, or if they have 21 or less when the dealer busts (exceeds 21).
  6. Busting is when either a player or dealer’s hand total exceeds 21. Another term that is sometimes used is “break.” If a player was dealt, 10-5, for example, and draws a 9, he’ll bust because his hand is a total of 24.

Blackjack Odds & Probability – Best Payouts and Winning Chances

Blackjack is particularly popular because it offers very beneficial odds in comparison to many other casino classics. Generally, the house edge is low. The right strategy and skill can also influence the outcome. With the right knowledge, it is a very advantageous game.

Knowing the odds of winning and the probability that you will land a particular card, your game can improve significantly, and you can earn more.

One way to start is to understand your odds of busting so you can make decisions logically. If you have a total of eleven or less in your hand, your odds of busting are 0%. If you have 12, 13, or 14, your odds are 31%, 39%, and 56% respectively. As your total is higher, the odds increase.

The highest paying combination in blackjack is an ace and a 10-valued card from a first deal. At that point, you’ve got 21. The likelihood of this happening in a single deck game is 4.38%.

Blackjack Strategies & Tips

Basic blackjack strategy is not that simple to learn, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to save a lot of energy and earn a significant reward. Learning this basic strategy is key to becoming a skillful player.


Essential, fundamental playing strategy is a set of rules that informs you of the optimal way to play every hand dealt at you when all you know is your hand and the dealer’s up card. It’s the mathematical way of playing every hand.

By understanding the strategy chart, you’ll know exactly when to surrender, split, double down, hit or stand. It’s important to note that basic strategy can’t overcome the house edge, but it can boost your chances.

The best way to approach it is to memorize the chart perfectly. Once you have it in your head, you’ll also need to learn additional rules and deviations that relate to specific game rules. With dedication and practice you’ll improve.

Let’s go over a few operations. If you’re playing at a casino that offers a Surrender or LS (Late Surrender), you’ll be able to do so on the first two cards that you’re dealt. You can’t surrender if you’ve already taken a hit card, so you’ll have to make this decision early on.

Another important decision you’ll have to make is whether or not to split. You can only do so if you have two ten-valued cards, such as a Jack and Kind. If not, you shouldn’t.

Basic strategy will also call for doubling, and when it does, it means that you’re likely to win the hand. Some casinos restrict doubling on hands, so you won’t always have the option.


The last decision you’ll have to make in terms of basic strategy is whether or not you’ll take on another card. If none of the other options are appropriate for your hand, you’ll have to decide whether to hit or to stand.

The goal of learning basic strategy is to be able to remember the rules without having to see what the dealer has. It will help you make decisions in split seconds.

Online Blackjack FAQs

Online Blackjack FAQs

Here are the most frequently asked questions about playing blackjack online in New Zealand.

Is it legal to play online blackjack in New Zealand?

According to Kiwi, it’s illegal to gamble at any online casino based in New Zealand, though any player who is at least 20 years old can play at any casino based outside of the casino. Kiwis who want to gamble online shouldn’t worry about legal repercussions as long as they don’t play at NZD based online casinos.

What is the best online blackjack site?

Finding the best online blackjack site depends on your preferences. Be sure to find an operator that is reliable and secure. Betnero is one of those, MGA licensed.

What is the best strategy to play online blackjack?

There are a few strategies that you can use to come out on top in blackjack. Our favourite approach is to always hit hard on 11 or less and to stand on hard 17 or more. When it comes to soft 17 or less, you should still hit. This strategy works for 4-Deck to 8-Deck blackjack.

Is it safe to play real money blackjack in New Zealand online casinos?

Anytime you play games for real money, there is always a risk of losing. If you’re not careful when finding an operator, there is a risk of being scammed as well. Luckily there are a few tips that you can keep in mind so that your online gaming is enjoyable and safe. Make sure you’re playing on a casino that you trust. Ask friends and fellow gamblers who can recommend the most reliable and secure operator.

Fortunately, many online casinos are sure to put customer’s interests first so that every transaction and transfer of information is secure. Betnero has an excellent reputation in the industry and is undoubtedly recommended by many players. You can trust that it is safe to play on this online casino.

When do you hit, stand, double or split in blackjack?

Hitting: this means that you want the dealer to give you another card. You can indicate your intention to the dealer that you want to hit by tapping the table with your finger (in a live casino setting).

Standing: if you stand, it means that you’re satisfied with the total of the hand you have. In a land-based casino, you wave your hand over the cards with your palm down.

What is a push in blackjack?

A push in blackjack is when you and the dealer have the same hand value, and when this happens your bet is returned. You won’t win anything and you don’t lose anything.

What is a double in blackjack?

If you double down in blackjack you’ll receive one more card and only one more. You’ll also be doubling your wager as well.

When should you split in blackjack?

The best time to split pairs is when you’re dealt two 8s or two aces. This will increase your chances of getting 21. If the dealer shows a seven or lower, it’s a good idea to split a pair of twos, threes, or sevens. If they show two through six, then you split a pair of sixes.

Is Blackjack the same as 21?

If someone says that they’re playing 21, you could ask if they mean blackjack or some sort of variant. Essentially 21 is a way to describe blackjack and similar games.

How many times can you hit in blackjack?

As a player you can hit as many times as you want until you go over 21, or you believe that you have the best hand possible.

What is the average winning hand in blackjack?

If you have 18, you’re the favourite up against the dealer depending on seven out of thirteen possible dealer up-cards.

What payment methods can be used in New Zealand real money blackjack casinos?

Many online casinos in New Zealand offer Paypal and other popular payment methods.

What are the odds of winning at blackjack?

On average, you can expect to hit Blackjack once every 21 hands. The dealer, on the other hand, has a 31% chance of hitting 21. You can expect to win 48% of the hands you play with a good strategy.