Looking for help? No problem! We are always happy to help you with any questions about the gaming in BetNero! Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions from players. In case the information below does not provide you with the information of your interest and you feel that you need additional assistance please contact our 24/7 online chat support service.


Can I use somebody’s credit card?

No. You cannot use somebody else’s card even with the permission of this person. In case you don’t have a personal bank card, please choose a different deposit method.


My deposit was declined. Why?

There can be a few reasons for that:

You have not sufficient balance on the card, please check the balance;

Your card is closed for online/international transactions, please try another card or use another deposit method;

You have reached the amount/number of transactions limit per day set on your card, please contact your bank and raise or take off the limits of the card and then try to deposit once again;

Your bank is blocking the transactions from your card, please contact the bank and confirm these transactions, then try the deposit once again.


Is BetNero Casino taking a fee for making a deposit or a withdrawal?

No. Fees can be taken by the payment provider or bank which is responsible for money transfer, you can find this information in the “Deposit” section.


How long does the withdrawal take?

You can find this information in the “Withdrawal” section in “Profile”. Usually, it takes up to 48 hours to make the withdrawal with Neteller or Skrill, bank transfer to a credit/debit card can take up to 3-5 business days upon the condition that we have received and confirmed all the documents needed for the verification procedure.


Few days ago I requested a withdrawal to Skrill but still didn’t receive the money. Where is my money?

Most probably the email which is connected to your Skrill account doesn’t match with the email mentioned in your account with BetNero Casino. You should receive the explanation email from Skrill support. Please contact our support for further assistance.


Why I cannot request a withdrawal?

There can be few reasons for that:

You have not sufficient balance in your account to request the withdrawal. You can check the minimum withdrawal amounts for different withdrawal methods in the “Withdraw” tab;

You have not met the wagering requirements of the bonus in your account. You can check how much of wager is left to convert the bonus into real money in the “Profile” section under the “Active bonuses” tab;

You didn’t finish the verification procedure;

If none of the mentioned above variants is true, please contact our support and we will assist you.


Can I cancel my withdrawal?

You can cancel your withdrawal only in case it is in pending status, it means that our finance department didn’t start processing it. Go to “Profile” section, in “Pending withdrawal” tab you should see the pending withdrawal, in here you can cancel your withdrawal.


Can I make a withdrawal on somebody else’s bank account?

No. For security measures, you can make a withdrawal only to your personal bank account. In case the banking information doesn’t match the information stated in your account with BetNero Casino, your withdrawal might be canceled, delayed or even lost. In case of money loss during the withdrawal process, we will do our best to get it back. BetNero Casino is not responsible for withdrawals stated with wrong bank information details.


What is BIC, SWIFT, and IBAN?

SWIFT is a standard format of banking identification codes (BIC). Each bank has its own unique SWIFT code. BIC or SWIFT code of the bank or department is mentioned on the bank statement of the online transaction. You can also get this code by referring to the bank. International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is an internationally agreed system of identifying bank accounts. You also need to get your personal IBAN number for the bank wire money transfer. Usually, this code is stated on a bank statement or you can get it through the online banking service. IBAN number starts with a country code, then it goes to letters and numbers. Usually, the last digits of IBAN are similar to your personal bank account number.