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Betnero is a new online casino. It’s also one of the best operators for playing slot games. This statement is bold, but it’s true. What makes online slots with Betnero so good? There are four main boxes that this casino ticks.
It offers an extensive choice of over 1000 slot machines. The slot section features names from the best game providers in the industry, such as Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, and Playson. If you want to try Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, Blood Suckers, and other world-famous games, Betnero has you covered. Although RTPs depend on providers, Betnero ensures that you get to choose from the best. Some slots in the library have competitive RTPs of 98% or higher. These figures help you to make a killing. With this casino, you can claim one of the two generous welcome bonuses that will keep you spinning for a long time before investing more. The casino will match your deposits by 100% and sprinkle in some free spins on top. Finally, if you’re looking for trustworthy, legal betting action, Betnero is here for you. It holds a license from the Malta Gaming Authority, ensuring that your personal information and money remain safe. Moreover, it presents you with slots from certified game providers that undergo regular audits to guarantee fairness. With these features, you can forget about worries related to online betting. Let’s take a more detailed look at what’s in store.

Welcome Casino Bonus 100% up to EUR 1,440 + 140 Free Spins to Play Online Slots

Online casinos give out welcome bonuses as incentives for new players to join. New operators in this already saturated market need to up the ante. Betnero’s two generous welcome bonus offers show its dedication to pleasing players.
You can claim one welcome bonus. One bonus has been tailor-made for moderate players who want to maintain their balance over time, while the latter suits extravagant high-rollers. With the first bonus, you’ll get a 100% match on your first four deposits, up to a total of EUR 1440. This approach allows you to spread out your investments across the bonus period, with the following layout:
  • First deposit – up to EUR 225
  • Second deposit – up to EUR 315
  • Third deposit – up to EUR 405
  • Fourth deposit – up to EUR 495
For example, if you deposit EUR 200 to your casino account after you sign up, Betnero will provide you with another EUR 200 in bonus money. This generous welcome offer also allow you to claim a whopping 140 free spins in total. The second bonus, for High Roller players, is a single 100% match to your deposit of up to EUR 1890. If you feel like investing a lot at once, this one is more profitable.

Slots: Explanation of Functions

If you’re entirely new to online slot games, let’s briefly go over the basics. Slots haven’t changed much since their invention. The most significant difference today is that virtual machines are more popular than physical ones. The base mechanic consists of spinning reels. As you play, you’ll get symbols on the reels, and if you land three, four, or five of a kind, you win. Each machine has different odds and winning combinations; this is especially true of online slots, which can include limitless amounts of symbols. You calculate your payout by looking at symbols and multipliers that come with them. Your payout equals your investment times the multiplier, which you’ll find at the paytable on every slot.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpot slots are machines that allow you to win a massive payout. The jackpot size increases each time somebody plays and doesn’t win. Once somebody lands the grand prize, it resets and starts rising again. Many slot machines have this feature, boosting the allure of these games. Since reels spin at random, two people can hit the jackpot in a row, or nobody could win after 100 thousand spins. On average, however, it happens once every 10 thousand rounds. Progressive jackpot slots can be an even more exciting version of this luck-based game. Is it more profitable to play them, though? It depends on your play-style. If you like investing small amounts and getting moderate returns, stick to regular slots. If you’re more into adrenaline rushes and jaw-dropping profits, give the progressive version a shot.

Slots Rules: How to Play

Let’s review the basics of slots rules. After all, playing at random without learning the rules can only lead to a loss.
First, you choose the amount with which you want to play. This number also depends on whether you’re playing a single- or multi-line machine. The former is more straightforward. Consider how long you want to play, and that’s how you’ll decide your stake per spin. In the latter case, you first have to pick how many paylines you’ll activate. Going for more means getting a higher multiplier, and sometimes, ticking all of them triggers a bonus round. Always check whether there are limitations to a certain number of paylines. Either way, the next step is to check out the paytable and see the symbol combinations that bring you profits. After that, it’s time to spin.

Slots Strategy and Tips

You may believe that it’s impossible to implement a strategy in a game based on luck. While you’re right to some extent, you can still try out some approaches to slots that help you win more in the long run. The most important thing is to understand return to player percentages. All games are advantageous for the casino, repaying less than what all players invest in the game. There is a way to approach this, and it’s all about increasing volatility. If you go for high-volatility games, your chances of winning big are higher. Here are two betting strategies that rely on this method. The Smart Gambler has you spinning with minimal bets, doubling it up with each winning combination you hit. Push it until you lose or stack your winnings enough to withdraw. You’ll need a slot with the gamble feature that allows you to double your bets. Moonshot is quicker, more volatile, and high-risk, high-reward. You’ll need a slot that allows big bets on single paylines, such as those by IGT. If you play one line, the RTP of your strategy equals that of the slot machine, which means that you should also go for high RTP games. Here, you mustn’t lose your patience or exceed your budget.

Mobile Slots: Top Online Slots for Mobile Phones in 2020 – iPhone & Android

Depending on your casino of choice, you can play using an app or by visiting the website through your mobile browser. The apps are generally more convenient, but if a site is well-developed, you won’t notice much difference. Some operators take pride in their mobile versions, offering special incentives for players who download their apps. Today, though, most play using their browser, exactly like on Betnero Casino, so those offers don’t happen as often as before. There is one disadvantage you might face, though. Not all slot providers create their games with smartphone users in mind, which means that some games don’t play smoothly on mobile. Betnero offers a wide range of mobile friendly games!

Offline vs. Online Slots

If you’re an old-school casino goer, you might wonder why you should try online slots. Are they really that much better than land-based versions? In a nutshell, yes. Convenience is the name of the game with online casinos. You can play anytime, anywhere, without ever leaving your home. It can also be cheaper, or even free, to bet online. Most games have demo versions that let you test the waters before you start depositing, and betting limits are generally lower. You can also win higher amounts with online slots. Casinos are facing massive competition, which forces them to raise the stakes. As a result, you get access to a wider variety of games, with considerable win pools and higher payout percentages than you’ll find in brick-and-mortar casinos. Finally, the most prominent advantage of online casinos lies in bonuses and promotions. While land-based establishments earn off regular customers and don’t have to use advertising strategies, online operators do. This pressure results in generous welcome bonuses, frequent promotions, and loyalty gifts that boost your account balance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Slots

Are online slots legal?

In most countries, yes. Check your local regulations to confirm you can play legally. When joining a casino, verify that it abides by all relevant laws and holds proper licenses. It’s the best way to protect yourself.

How do online slots work?

The essence of spinning the reels in online casinos mirrors traditional slot machines. The only difference is in the variety – from games offered to reels and paylines available, online slots are all about giving you more.

What is the best online real money slot?

The best online slot with real money games for you depends on what you want from the game. When it comes to the highest RTPs, Mega Joker by NetEnt offers up to 99%. Guns ‘N Roses and Planet of the Apes have the best bonuses.

Which online slots payout the most?

Online slots with the highest RTP percentages tend to pay out the most for long term players. However, if you’re looking for big prizes, Gonzo’s Quest features some of the highest jackpots in the market.

Are there tricks to win more in real money slots?

Yes. As we said above, if you feel like risking a bit to earn more, try high-variance slots. You can also go for high-paying machines, find profitable bonus games, and, if you’re new, play free demos to learn the basics.

How is it ensured that online slots are fair machines?

Developers use random number generators to make sure all results are random and based only on luck. Any trustworthy casino will have a third-party audit company analyze its slots regularly and display its results. If you can’t find these tables, avoid the casino, since it may rig its numbers.

Is it better to bet higher on slots?

It depends on your finances and how long you want your spin session to be. Going for the maximum stake leads to a higher possible profit since the multipliers apply to your bets. Still, if you want to play more on a budget, go low with your stakes.

What are progressive jackpot slots?

Slots with progressive jackpots increase the size of their prize each time someone plays without winning. They reset once somebody lands the jackpot. Massive payouts often accumulate over time, so be sure to keep an eye out for these.

What are the best online slots bonuses in 2020?

If you’re joining a casino hoping to spin the reels, go for casinos with welcome bonuses that include free spins. Remember that you can also invest bonus funds in slots unless the terms and conditions say otherwise. Betnero’s welcome bonus is among the most generous offers in 2020, catering to all types of casino players. You can play slots or table games with the deposit bonus, and it comes with a generous amount of free spins too.

What does RTP mean for online slots?

Return to player (RTP) shows the percentage of money wagered by all players that the slot machine will return in winnings. For example, if you invest USD 100 on a 97% RTP slot, you can expect $97 back. The percentage is always below 100% (that’s the house’s edge), but higher numbers mean more payouts. The industry standard today is 96% and higher.

Which slots have the highest RTP?

With so many slot machines available today, it’s hard to follow the competitive percentages they put out. Still, some developers distinguish themselves through both slot quality and generosity. To name a few, Ugga Buga by Playtech has 99.07% RTP. Mega Joker by NetEnt is 99%, while Jackpot 6000 and Blood Suckers by the same developer have 98.8% and 98%, respectively. Starmania by NextGen is slightly behind at 97.89%.
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