Responsible Gambling

Gambling addiction is a pathology to be prevented and a problem to be addressed. For many, gambling can be a pastime, an occasional amusement. For others, however, it can become a drug that has serious consequences for themselves, for family, friends and in general for society.

Betnero is for responsible gambling and against compulsive gambling that is often associated with and contributes to profound problems such as alcoholism, depression, antisocial behaviors and multiple conditions of profound discomfort.

Remember that all online casinos are continuous sources of sensory stimuli, especially through slot machines but not only and can affect the perception of those who use them. Keep in mind that:

There is no easy money and online casinos are companies, not providers of money or luck.
Earning quickly is pure illusion and playing online in online casinos in the vast majority of cases means losing and any eventual victory of the player is never a demonstration of skill but only of pure and absolute chance.
Becoming a compulsive gambler is easier than it seems and in this sense our warning is clear; if you want to play in an online casino always set an extremely low predetermined maximum amount of money, a movie ticket, a pizza to make yourself understood, and play just for fun instead of chasing the win at all costs.
Always remember that all online games in which you invest your money, including any free bonuses, can become pathological, everyone, without exception, and playing responsibly is the only way to play if you don’t want to fall into the trap of addiction.

What are the main signs of addiction and pathological gambling?

There are many. The most common are:
– an obsessive attention to the game
– a need to invest more and more money
– the inability to stop and feeling more and more irritated at the very thought of doing so
– the tendency to want to chase victory especially to recover the money you have lost.

If you find yourself in these conditions or think you might fall, don’t play because starting or continuing can mean your financial ruin, legal, family, health, work problems and much more.

Read these questions below and if you feel like answering even one positively you may already need help.

– Has gambling ever caused problems in your relationships with your family members?
– Have you ever felt guilty after playing?
– Have you ever gambled using money that was reserved for other important activities or to pay off debts?
– Have you ever felt the need to win more after a win?
– Have you ever sold anything to finance the gambling business?
– Have you ever thought of committing illegal actions to obtain gambling funds?
– Have you ever had trouble sleeping from gambling?
– Did you approach the game due to unpleasant personal situations?
– Have you ever thought about hurting yourself or someone else because of gambling?